Seaside 5k

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The Seaside 5k is projected to take place on 3/1/2015 in Seaside. Based on previous races, Road Race Place expects there to be over 800 finishers in the 2015 Seaside 5k race. This race has a RRP Race Prestige Rating of 4, which is defined as a race that fields 2,000 to 5,000 runners, is very well organized with chip timing, and will usually be the race of the year in smaller communities and will be the second or third best race of the year in bigger cities. The race course has been certified as accurate by USA Track and Field.

Race Information

Race Status: - Race Date Not Confirmed

Estimated Race Date:

Estimated Time: 7:30 AM

Distance: 5K       Certified Race: 

Results: Timed       Estimated Finishers: 800

Location: 2235 E County Highway 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Race Notes: This race is very popular and sells out very early. The course is fast and flat. The race is USATF certified, and will start and finish in downtown Seaside.

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Disclaimer: Road Race Place LLC does not manage or direct the Seaside 5k. Please verify the date, time and location of the race as it may change without us being notified. Contact the race director directly for more information.


Note: This map provides an approximate location for the Seaside 5k.


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