Never Quit Never 5k

Jacksonville Beach, FL

The Never Quit Never 5k is projected to take place on 5/30/2015 in Jacksonville. Based on previous races, Road Race Place expects there to be over 4200 finishers in the 2015 Never Quit Never 5k race. This race has a RRP Race Prestige Rating of 4.5, which is defined as a race that is the top race or festival in a major metropolitan area, is very organized and will also usually have a very well organized expo with a large number of vendors. The race course has been certified as accurate by USA Track and Field.

Race Information

Race Status: - Race Date Not Confirmed

Estimated Race Date:

Estimated Time: 5:00 PM

Distance: 5K       Certified Race: 

Results: Timed       Estimated Finishers: 4,200

Location: Jacksonville Beach Pier, Jacksonville Beach, FL

Disclaimer: Road Race Place LLC does not manage or direct the Never Quit Never 5k. Please verify the date, time and location of the race as it may change without us being notified. Contact the race director directly for more information.


Note: This map provides an approximate location for the Never Quit Never 5k.


Outstanding, First-Class Race
Based on 4.5 Star Race Prestige
and 2 User Reviews
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Most expensive 5K ever - 2014 Race
By: Jose F. - (Jacksonville, FL)
Is the most expensive 5K ever: $66. IT ALMOST MAKE ME QUIT!!!
It's the normal price for a marathon!!!
My GPS measured 5060 mts., 60 mts. is too much error for a USA Track & Field Certificate.
The award ceremony was about 2 hours after the race, very boring and most of the awarded were not present.
The registration process was very complicated, too many instructions.
Date Posted: 2014-06-02 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
Loved the race - 2013 Race
By: Marcus Jose - (Jacksonville, FL)
Outstanding race and it had events for the entire family. The price was extremely inexpensive for all that you received. The race prizes were provided to every single person that finished and for my $60 entry I received my favorite race shirt and a $280 necklace. Without a doubt the best event I have ever attended. There were 8,000 participants in 2013 and 500 in 2009 so it has grown quickly. Anyone who attends tells all of their friends to do it. I am now a believer.
Date Posted: 2014-02-25 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review