Lakewood Ranch Jingle Bell Run 5k

Bradenton, FL

The Lakewood Ranch Jingle Bell Run 5k is projected to take place on 12/19/2014 in Bradenton. Based on previous races, Road Race Place expects there to be over 300 finishers in the 2014 Lakewood Ranch Jingle Bell Run 5k race. This race has a RRP Race Prestige Rating of 2.5, which is defined as a race that field 150 to 500 runners, and either a well run race with a low amount of runners or a poorly run race with a high amount of runners.

Race Information

Race Status: - Race Date Not Confirmed

Estimated Race Date:

Estimated Time: 7:00 PM

Distance: 5K      

Results: Unknown/Not Timed       Estimated Finishers: n/a

Location: 8141 Lakewood Main St, Bradenton, FL

Disclaimer: Road Race Place LLC does not manage or direct the Lakewood Ranch Jingle Bell Run 5k. Please verify the date, time and location of the race as it may change without us being notified. Contact the race director directly for more information.


Note: This map provides an approximate location for the Lakewood Ranch Jingle Bell Run 5k.


Above Average Race
Based on 2.5 Star Race Prestige
and 4 User Reviews
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Poorly Organized - 2012 Race
By: J. B. - (Chicago, Il)
This was the most poorly organized race I've ever run. To start with, the emails and website made it look like the start time was 6pm. We got there and it showed no sign of starting; we could not find any official people to tell us what was going on; then we found out that 6pm was the kids race, and the adult 5K didn't start till 7. Looking back later at the website, we saw that this was written in very tiny print.

The race itself was fun. It was supposedly chip-timed, but since then I have still not been able to find any website with results. Good thing I looked at the clock as I was crossing the finish line!
Date Posted: 2013-01-08 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
CONFUSING! - 2012 Race
By: L. F. - (Bradenton, FL)
Thought this was the Arthritis Foundation Jingle bell Run. VERY DISAPPOINTING. Missed that one because of this race which was not nearly as well organized. My team was also upset with me for taking them to the wrong event. Deceptive to say the least.
Date Posted: 2013-01-02 Review Quality: Race Review Lacks Details
Jingle Bell Run Review - 2012 Race
By: Lesley Hawks - (Venice, FL)
This was a timed race. We were stopped by police to allow traffic to go through. This is unacceptable. It was not a brief stop. Very frustrating.
Date Posted: 2012-12-27 Review Quality: Helpful Race Review
Didn't like the race - 2011 Race
By: Deb S. - (Bradenton,FL)
It was not well organized, not enough room for everyone participating.. And, it is not a timed race...
Date Posted: 2012-03-12 Review Quality: Race Review Lacks Details