Gasparilla Classic 5K

Tampa, FL

The Gasparilla Classic 5K, also known as the Gasparilla 5k, is projected to take place on 2/21/2015 in Tampa. Based on previous races, Road Race Place expects there to be over 10800 finishers in the 2015 Gasparilla Classic 5K race. This race has a RRP Race Prestige Rating of 4.5, which is defined as a race that is the top race or festival in a major metropolitan area, is very organized and will also usually have a very well organized expo with a large number of vendors. The race course has been certified as accurate by USA Track and Field.

Race Information

Race Status: - Race Date Not Confirmed

Estimated Race Date:

Estimated Time: 9:00 AM

Distance: 5K       Certified Race: 

Results: Timed       Estimated Finishers: 11,000

Location: Downtown Tampa, Tampa, FL

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Disclaimer: Road Race Place LLC does not manage or direct the Gasparilla Classic 5K. Please verify the date, time and location of the race as it may change without us being notified. Contact the race director directly for more information.


Note: This map provides an approximate location for the Gasparilla Classic 5K.


Outstanding, First-Class Race
Based on 4.5 Star Race Prestige
and 5 User Reviews
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Liked the race - 2012 Race
By: B. R. - (Beaufort, SC)
Racers were sent out in corrals which is a big plus. The supporters were great from those that were cheering on the racers to those handing out water. There were misters, but due to the temperatures in the 80s, they had no real affect for me. There were walkers that started with the runners when they were supposed to be in the rear. The supporters at the end of the race included those handing out bottled water, bananas, fruit cups, strawberry smoothies, and coke products, I did not stay to see what the entertainment was.

This was my first time participating in this race. The only real problem is that there was a hockey game the night before the 15k and 5k which caused serious traffic problems for out-of-towners like me in reaching the convention center (expo) as well as finding a parking spot to get inside the convention center. Perhaps 1 hour limited parking for runners could be provided nearby until 30 minutes after the expo ends. Presenting the printout of registration to parking attendant would prove the driver is picking up race packet rather than attending the hockey (or any other event). I would not ask that runners not pay for parking. I'm only suggesting reserving an area for runners for picking up race packets. I ask this because I was one of the runners who was caught up in the creeping traffic for an hour.
Date Posted: 2012-03-04 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
Walkers are a problem - 2011 Race
By: M. B. - (Middleport, NY)
I have run this race several times, but last year will be the last time unless the race organizers finally decide to do something about all the walkers in the 5K race.
These folks start up at the front of the pack, and then walk, forcing runners behind them to have to dodge them. I have seen groups as large as 8 walking shoulder to shoulder across the race course. Why are they even out there if they aren't running?? This has been discussed for years and nothing has been done. I won't come back until the organizers decide to address this issue.
Date Posted: 2012-01-20 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
Loved the race - 2011 Race
By: Jeff Allen - (Tampa, FL)
This is a premier event every year during the Tampa Bay 3-week Gasparilla Pirate Festival. I've run this race every year since 2000. Tons of fun! The race is usually in February when the weather in Tampa is absolutely awesome. It always starts in the morning following an earlier 15K event. There are thousands of people that run this race. Also to note that this race is for everyone. From the ultra competitive hardcore runner to the casual jogger/walker. Post race, head over to the "Four Greenfields" Irish Pub or the Convention Center Beer Tent. Good Times!
Date Posted: 2011-10-04 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
Great race along the water! - 2011 Race
By: Holly P. - (Tampa, FL)
This is a great race! So many people come out to run. The expo at the convention center is always awesome. As mentioned, this is an out and back course along Bayshore. Not a big fan of out and back courses, but running along the water is great! Just don't run into anyone while looking for dolphins. The post party is fun with free beer and a live band. Overall, a great race!
Date Posted: 2011-10-01 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review
The Gasparilla Classic is an incredible event - 2011 Race
By: Michael A. - (Tampa, FL)
The Gasparilla Classic is by far the most amazing race that is run in Tampa every year!

From the expo, to the fans, to the overwhelming support from volunteers, the Gasparilla 5k is as good as it gets.

This year, we were blessed with great weather which only added to my enjoyment of the race. The Bayshore course was very scenic and even though it was an out-and-back (which I'm not a fan of), you can't really beat running along the water for just over 3 miles.

Overall, I highly recommend this race!
Date Posted: 2011-09-21 Review Quality: Very Helpful Race Review