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Welcome to the Muskegon running home page! Road Race Place provides a detailed listing of Muskegon 5k races, 10k races, marathons and more, the links above will direct you to race calendars, rankings, and ratings for all of your local Muskegon events. You can help us out by rating your favorite (and least favorite) Muskegon races to help determine which races rank the highest in Muskegon, in the state of Michigan and in the nation.

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Runner can't make it to the Boston Marathon finish line, so others carry him to the end
4/21/2014 - Washington Post
Marathons are massively difficult enterprises for the people who participate, feats of incredible endurance that are accompanied by a staggering physical toll.
American Meb Keflezighi wins Boston Marathon
4/21/2014 - Chicago Tribune
He becomes first U.S. man to win at Boston since 1983
Jogger brags of perfect conditions for running to reporter, immediately bites the dust
2/10/2014 - The Independent
Schadenfreude doesn't come much better than this, as a Portland jogging enthusiast details to a reporter how people shouldn't be afraid to jog in snowy conditions, only to take a fall moments after the interview.
Former 300-pound NFL lineman loses 100 pounds and runs a marathon
2/4/2014 - USA Today
Former offensive lineman Alan Faneca weighed over 300 pounds when he retired from the NFL in 2011.
Couple in their 60s run marathons for record 366 days in a row
1/1/2014 - The New York Daily News
The Melbourne pair has broken a record of 365 days previously held by a Belgian couple. Janette Murray-Wakelin, 64, and Alan Murray, 68, ran to raise money for charity.