About Us


Road Race Place starts with you and ends at the finish line.  Our mission is to make your goal, whether to run competitively or enjoy a fun run, easy and accessible to research.  Look up races in your area or travel to a new destination to race, but the journey starts and ends here.

How it works:

Road Race Place will work in phases.  As we grow and partner with potential race options your experience on the site will enhance.
  • Phase 1: Race Listings in your area- This phase consists of a directory of races for you to see rankings, race information and a guide to that location such as weather updates and where to go when you’re not on the run.
  • Phase 2: Full Experience- At this point Road Race Place will be just as important as remembering your running shoes and why not share that experience with others!  Socialize with others using the site.  Share training tips, nutrition facts and post information that fellow Road Race Place family should know.
  • Phase 3: The Sky is the Limit- We will be sharing more of our plans with you soon. Until then, keep checking back and enjoy your experience with Road Race Place.

How can you help?

There are three ways to help Road Race Place be the best resource for you.
  • Give us feedback.  This site is for you – so help us make it work! Contact us here.
  • Tell your local Race Directors about Road Race Place and encourage them to partner up!  The more the merrier and ease of use for you.
  • Tell your friends about Road Race Place!